How to get fresh air into your living room?

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How to get fresh air into your living room?

In this blog, I’m going to share my experience about areca palm and how you can get fresh air through it, which is very peaceful and calm for your mind.

Areca palm helps to keep your home safe. As they grow, it work like air purifiers by absorbing carbon dioxide(CO2) and releasing oxygen(O2).

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Care: It is moderately drought tolerant but like well-drained soil. They prefer semi-direct sunlight, which is perfect for the plant. They are big drinkers, so water them regularly.

Light: It requires bright indirect light. Dark areas and constant direct sunlight need to be avoided.

Soil: A soil-less cactus potting mix which allows the soil to drain well works best for it.

Fertilizer: In spring and summer, feed your plants with fertilizer monthly.

Required: Four shoulder-high palms for per-person.

Where To Place Them: It is best suited for your bright living room as we all know because of their special ability to produce oxygen throughout the day and night.

Conclusion: It is not toxic to humans and pets. So there is nothing that can stop you from bringing them into your bedroom. The health and mental benefits outweigh the time spent on caring for it.

We urge you to take control of your environment and health by including these beautiful plants in your lives. Where to buy? You can check the link below.

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